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Political Correctness, Tolerance, Diversity, Hate Crimes, and Secular Progressive are buzz words used to silence Christians and remove Jesus and even God from the public square.  Christian Nation is about to change that.  We are legion and our voice will be heard.

Christian Nation is ecumenical, bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations to reform current political correctness and restore America to its original Christian roots. Our goal is to counter and reverse the actions of Secular Progressives which undermine our traditional Christian history and values.   Given a unified voice, Christian Nation will reclaim America to its true foundation. 

What does this mean?

A Christian Nation is one which provides absolute freedom to believe in sincerely held religious beliefs, with the recognition that the tradition of America is the freedom to recognize a divine Creator, God, and his Son, Jesus Christ.  That is our true heritage. It is because we are  a Christian Nation that we endorse pluralism: respect for those who disagree, mutual respect, but without compromise of faith.  It is the predominant Christian faith of the Christian Nation which promotes the freedom necessary for the success of pluralism.

As the founding fathers observed the words of Holy Scripture in their speeches, writings, and law, we will return to the tradition of the Christian heritage in the public square.  Christian Nation creates dialogue between people of all faiths who stand united to educate all as to the correct history of the founding of the United States of America, implementing strategies to return to fundamental policies and practices of America s unique and sound heritage in the Christian faith in our government and public schools, thus promoting a God centered nation.

Christian Nation Foundation, located at ChristianNation.org/Foundation, is the 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization.  ChristianNation.org/PAC is the registered tax exempt 527 political action committee.  Donations are welcome for each.

This is the rebirth of the Christian Nation.  Browse our website as it grows, become active in the national or local organizations, and see God move throughout the land.  

On our links page, we list those organizations striving to restore America.  Visit their sites often, support them, and see the many opportunities available to all Americans to promote a return of traditional American values in One Nation Under God. 

The silencing of Christianity is no longer politically correct.

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