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Welcome to the Christian Nation!

A new nationwide umbrella non-profit organization dedicated to restoring our Nation to the original Christian values so that the silencing of Christians will no longer be politically correct.

It’s all about living your traditional Christian faith in all aspects of your life, without worrying that you might offend someone. That’s the way it use to be. That’s the way it will be again.

Did you know:

  • April 6, 2009. just in time for Easter, President Obama spoke at a press conference in Turkey, a Muslim country, and said of America, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation."
  • April 13, 2009. Newsweek magazine’s cover story proclaimed America is in the post-Christian era.
  • April 14, 2009. Georgetown University admits it covered over the name of Jesus to comply with a White House request.
  • April 19, 2009. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, is mercilessly pummeled for expressing her belief that Marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
  • April 30, 2009. A federal judge has awarded a former Army Special Forces commander nearly $500,000 because she was rejected from a job at the Library of Congress while undergoing a gender change from man to woman.
  • May 3, 2009. Organizers of this week's National Day of Prayer still don't know whether the White House will participate. The President’s silence and failure to respond is deafening.

Does any of the above cause your spirit to stir? Is this the America you want for your children?

Just as 9/11 awakened the sleeping giant, these words have jolted the Christian Nation. Christian Nation is not about making Christianity the official religion of our country. That was never the Founders' intention.

Christian Nation Foundation will reclaim and restore our nation's Christian heritage and values by acting as an umbrella organization for all like-minded Americans of all faiths in the cultural war against secular progressives.

Christian Nation PAC, a political action committee, will bring the necessary and persuasive action so that no one will ever believe America is in a post-Christian era.

Help us build the Christian Nation by
• living your faith,
• becoming a member,
• organizing a Christian Nation chapter in your church,
• organizing a Christian Nation chapter in your school,
• have your organization become a partner by linking our web page to yours,
• contribute your time, talent, and treasure to the Christian Nation.

From the most rural church to high schools, colleges, and to the steps of our nation’s Capitol, everyone will know that we are indeed the Christian Nation!

Contact us: Christian Nation Editor

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